2013 Warwick Symposium

The Warwick Project

Guns, Provisions, and the Governor: The Wreck of the Warwick, Bermuda 1619      leicester_logo_1.jpg

Between January 9 and 12, 2013, AMARI proudly sponsored the Warwick symposium at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), a conference dedicated to historical and underwater archaeology held at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom.

Symposium’s Abstract: "While headed to resupply Bermuda and Jamestown in 1619, the earl of Warwick’s race-built galleon Warwick sank during a hurricane while at anchorage in Castle Harbour Bermuda. The ship carried the new governor of Bermuda, additional settlers, their possession, tools, and provisions for England’s earliest colonies across the Atlantic. Notwithstanding the designation of the vessel as the “magazine” ship of the Virginia Company, the Warwick was not an ordinary freighter but a finely crafted vessel and a powerful armed fighting machine. Over the course of four field season, a team of archaeologists, students, and volunteers from various universities and international organizations excavated and recorded the Warwick’s hull. Already the wreck is shedding new light on 17th-century English shipbuilding techniques and Bermuda’s and America’s colonial history. This symposium offers firsts hints of what the Warwick excavation may reveal."

The symposium was a collaboration of many scholars, professors, and students from universities and institutions in the United States and Europe. Here, AMARI is showcasing some of the most interesting presentations by students and research associates:

“Introduction to the Project and the Symposium,” a presentation by Dr. Katie Custer, the executive director of AMARI

“Structural Analysis and Reconstruction,” a presentation by Dr. Piotr Bojakowski, director of archaeology of AMARI
“Rigging Analysis and Interpretation,” a presentation by Mr. Douglas Inglis, an educational and public outreach officer of AMARI and MA student at Texas A&M University
“The Plain Scale: An Early 17th-century Navigational Instrument,” a presentation by Mr. Michael Gilbart, dive safety officer of AMARI and MA student at Texas A&M University

“Sir Robert Rich, the 2nd Earl of Warwick, in the Context of the Historical Background of the Period,” a presentation by Dr. Emily Rose, the chair of the board of AMARI
“Timber Analysis, Dating, Provenance, and Resources,” a presentation by Dr. Nigel Nayling, board member of AMARI and professor at the University of Wales
“Weapons of Warwick,” a presentation by Ms. Maureen Merrigan, field conservator of the project and MA student at Texas A&M University
“The Merchant Weights of the Warwick,” a presentation by Ms. Ammandeep Mahal, a research associate of AMARI and a student at the University of Nottingham, UK