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Atlantic World Marine Archaeology Research Institute (AMARI) participates and directs numerous research projects leading to better understanding or our maritime past. To highlight some of the most important work, AMARI categorizes the research areas onto:

  • Surveys: none-invasive exploratory fieldworks with the potential for new discoveries

  • Excavations: underwater or terrestrial fieldwork including systematic and scientific mapping, recording, and recovery of cultural remains and artefacts

  • Post-Excavation analyses and research: extension of the excavation research using scientific techniques to analyze archaeological (or historical) material

  • Historical research: broadly understood library, archival, and museum research

  • Education and public outreach: increasing public awareness of maritime heritage and archaeology; education to schools, museums, universities, and other scientific institutions

  • Publication and dissemination of data: participating and organizing conferences and symposia, as well as advancement of publications of AMARI research associates

  • Conservation and display of artifacts: advising on conservation, curation, interpretation, and display of the artifacts and data; advising on the methodologies and costs of these procedures